Can I Take My Sleeping Bag On An Airplane?

Can I take my sleeping bag on an airplane? I hear you ask. There used to be a time when frequent travelers carried their Sleeping Bags atop or alongside their backpacks, and could stroll through an airport and onto a plane without a worry. These days it’s a little trickier, with stricter regulations and less baggage space it can sometimes be unclear. Hopefully this post will be able to shed some light on this question.

The short answer to this question is a stern yes. However, weight and dimensions of your sleeping bag may stop you from doing this due to your airline’s baggage restrictions.

It is very common for an airline to allow you to carry on a personal item and a standard carry-on. Personal items are items such as; a purse, laptop or briefcase. Standard carry-on is recognised as a backpack or suitcase. It is very unlikely that your airline would class your sleeping bag as a personal item. So ensure that your sleeping bag meets the dimensions and weight requirements of your standard carry-on allowance.

If you are often border hopping, it is extremely important that you keep your sleeping bag clean. Carrying equipment such as a sleeping bag could raise eyebrows when being asked if you are carrying any biological products on your person. Ensure you are not carrying any insects or plant life in your sleeping bag. To make sure your sleeping bag is thoughtfully clean, you can follow our guide on how to wash a sleeping bag.

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